“Ticket Transfer Undermines Cubs’ Ability to Compel Arbitration”

The Illinois Appellate Court’s recent decision in Zuniga v. Major League Baseball is the subject of this JD Supra article by Patrick Hammon of McManis Faulker. As noted by Mr. Hammon, “the appellate court focused on the consideration that made this case different from many other unconscionability cases—specifically, the fact that Ms. Zuniga did not purchase, but instead was gifted, the ticket at issue.” As he predicts, “[w]hile the case will have no binding impact on any cases brought by sports fans against teams located outside of Illinois, it is likely that clubs located across the country (and across all major sports) will take notice of what some might call the Zuniga loophole—where a potential plaintiff was not the purchaser, but instead merely a recipient, of the ticket at issue.”

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