Rob Harris

I have been fortunate to have a career that spanned two decades as a commercial litigator before transitioning to senior inhouse counsel positions. This diverse experience unquestionably has made me a better arbitrator and a better mediator, enabling me to understand the objectives and context that underlie business and employment disputes.

I enjoy helping resolve disputes, something I have been privileged to do for many years, both through private engagement and service for the American Arbitration Association and other tribunals. In addition to its general commercial and employment panels, AAA has included me on its specialty panels for Large Complex Cases, Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures, as well as its Master Mediators panel.

My longstanding ADR experience includes commercial, contractual and employment matters encompassing many industries. (Here’s an arbitration and mediation profile, which together with this list of matters on which I have worked during the past couple of years, provides a representative overview).

I seem to have a particular affinity for complex and/or emotionally charged disputes (sometimes encompassing what is colloquially known as  “business divorce“) involving a company’s owners, principals and senior level executives.

I served three years as Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, and I was privileged to receive the Honorable Robert C. Zampano Award for Excellence in Mediation, named for a Connecticut federal judge renowned for his settlement skills.

I stay abreast of developments in the ADR arena, based on regular skill set training, and reading and writing about court rulings, referencing ones of note on the “Recent Decisions” link above. I also indulge a frolic and detour known as Golf Dispute Resolution, a website/blog that tracks the intersection of golf and law.

Recent issues of a quarterly newsletter on arbitration and mediation matters can be found here and here and here. Anyone interested in being added to the mailing list is invited to send an email request.

Finally, while I do not actively solicit testimonials, I always am appreciative to hear from attorneys (such as these generous comments I recently received), and I am happy to provide references to those tasked with making the important decision of who to select as your next arbitrator or mediator.

Rob Harris
(914) 482-2448