“Arbitrator Snooze … You Lose? A Reminder to Raise Specific Objections to an Arbitrator First, or Risk Forfeiting Them on Appeal”

“You represent a business owner who ends up arbitrating a dispute with a supplier.  After spending tons of time and money preparing for the 5-day evidentiary hearing, you look up to hear snoring from the arbitrator – he fell asleep for part of the proceedings!  Surely you’ll be able to get the result vacated by the circuit court on appeal, right?  Well, no – not if you slept on your objection by failing to first specifically raise it with the arbitrator…”

Thus begins this article by Gregory Heinen of Foley & Larner LLP, published by The National Law Review, discussing the Wisconsin Court of Appeals’ decision in Loren Imhoff Homebuilder, Inc. v. Lisa Taylor, et al., No. 2019AP2205, 2020 WL 6495102 (Wis. Ct. App. Nov. 5, 2020).

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