“Dealership’s Finance Manager Had Duty to Inform Buyer of Inconspicuous Arbitration Clause in Purchase Agreement Due to False Impression that Buyer’s Signature Was Only to Verify Information”

JD Supra has published this article by Eric Johnson of Hudson Cook, LLP discussing the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision in Sutton v. David Stanley Chevrolet, Inc., 2020 Okla. LEXIS 94 (Okla. October 13, 2020). The article sets the stage as follows:

“The buyer and a dealership signed a purchase agreement containing a dispute resolution clause (“DRC”). The DRC, in the middle of the purchase agreement, was the only provision in red ink, was in a smaller font and called for the buyer to pay one-half of the arbitrator’s fee. The heading “Dispute Resolution Clause” was in all capital letters.”

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