“Binding Nonsignatories to Arbitration Agreements”

Franklin McRoberts authored this article, available at JD Supra, discussing in a business divorce context an unsuccessful attempt by one of the owners to bring nonparties into a contractually compelled arbitration. As the article explains, the New York court in Fritch v. Bron held that, insofar as the company held itself out as operating underContinue reading ““Binding Nonsignatories to Arbitration Agreements””

Online Arbitration Agreements: Enforceable Or Not

Two articles discussing two cases from California. In Berman v. Freedom Financial Network LLC, discussed in this Lexology article by Om Alladi at Proskauer Rose, the Ninth Circuit held that an arbitration provision contained in websites was not sufficiently conspicuous to make it enforceable against consumers who ostensibly agreed to it by clicking on aContinue reading “Online Arbitration Agreements: Enforceable Or Not”