Rob Harris

My legal career began with 23 enjoyable years as a commercial litigator in a boutique practice with insightful, intellectual and creative colleagues.

Since then, I have served as in house counsel to two financial services organizations. In 2005, I became general counsel and chief administrative officer to a start up hedge fund administrator which, after five years of growth, we sold to the industry leader.

I subsequently assumed the general counsel role at an industry leading provider of real estate and mortgage due diligence and asset management services to investment banks and other institutional investors. Thereafter, we were acquired by a publicly traded mortgage insurer (NYSE:RDN), where, in my position as Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, I continue to serve as the chief legal officer for its real estate, title, valuation and asset management services businesses.

For many years I also have served as an arbitrator and mediator of contractual, ownership and employment disputes. I am a longstanding panelist for the American Arbitration Association (including its specialty panels for Large Complex Cases; Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures; and Master Mediators) and other ADR administrators, serving primarily in New York and Connecticut. You can find a copy of my arbitration and mediation profile here.

Since 2011, my frolic and detour has been “Golf Dispute Resolution,” a website/blog that tracks the intersection of golf and law.

And now, I have added Positively Neutral as a resource to attorneys and their clients regarding judicial decisions and items of interest regarding arbitration and mediation.

Robert A. Harris